Canine Body Balance

Focused on the Physical and Emotional Well-being of dogs, we use a range of manual therapy modalities, fitness exercises and thermal imaging to improve your dog’s quality of life.


Canine Body Balance provides a range of services to clients locally and globally. We specialise in:
• Canine muscular-skeletal system
• Canine biomechanics
• Neuro-fascia relaxation


With years of knowledge and experience, we aim to help dogs reduce the risk of injury through:
• Improving Posture
• Creating functional movement patterns
• Releasing fascia adhesions
• Relieving muscle tensions


A balanced dog has a healthy body and healthy mind; we use a range of canine relaxation techniques designed to help dogs with emotional issues such as:
• Fear
• Trauma
• Phobias
• Anxiety


We offer services for pet dogs, working dogs and canine athletes. With online and in-person consults available.

Canine Osteopathy

A holistic approach to wellness, canine osteopathy considers the body a series of interconnected systems. When one system is compromised, there will be strain in other body areas. Behavioural symptoms often indicate bodily dysfunction, and emotional issues are intrinsically linked to the nervous system. Canine Osteopathic treatment is designed to relieve tension in the body and mind, aiding in restoring the natural functioning of the bodily systems.

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Canine Bowen Therapy

Canine Bowen therapy is a gentle remedial therapy designed to release fascia and soft tissue tension and adhesion. Treatment is strategic and applied to specific points in the body based on the patient's presenting condition.

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Canine Conditioning / Fitness

Improving your dog’s biomechanics and increasing their fitness and overall condition can reduce the risk of injury. Fitness is a great way to build a loving relationship with your dog while improving their body and quality of life. Invest in your best friend's health and book a one-on-one canine fitness session, in person or online; we are happy to help

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Whole Energy Body Balance

WEBB bodywork is a manual therapy modality to help balance the physical and emotional being. It’s used to calm the nervous system and release soft tissue tension. The practitioner constantly monitors their patient for subtle communication signs and modifies the treatment accordingly.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool; it creates a physiological heat map of the patient. Areas of hyperthermia and hypothermia are quickly identified, leading to the efficient use of diagnostic tools and targeted treatments. Thermal imaging Wellness Checks are an affordable option; they are non-contact and non-invasive.

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"After just one treatment we saw the difference this made not only to his agility but also his cognitive ability and general well-being"

Sarah and Jiga

"Teddy was significantly calmer after his session, we have noticed a positive change in his general behaviour"

Sabrina and Teddy

"The results on Walnut have been surprising with how much of an effect it has had on his daily life and how soon after the session"

Frank and Walnut

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