What is Whole Energy Body Balance Bodywork for pets?

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) is a deeply connected manual therapy technique founded by Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte, the healing vet. Dr Edwards has gifted some of his knowledge to WEBB practitioners and given them skills to help improve the lives of pets.

The WEBB method requires therapists to attune themselves to their patients, to be profoundly present and connected during the treatment, listening to and respond to even the subtlest signs of communication.

More than a manual therapy technique and distinct from massage therapy, whole energy body balance is designed to work on; cognitive, neurological, muscular-skeletal and emotional systems. This modality applies touch therapy through the neuro-fascia network; its focus is on:

  • Identifying areas of hidden or silent pain
  • Releasing soft tissue tension
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Lowering a dog's state of arousal
  • Helping pets to feel safe by listening to their communication
  • Increase trust and secure attachment bonding through setting clear, safe boundaries


How does WEBB bodywork for pets work?

Whole energy body balance helps dogs reconnect with their somatic nervous system through coregulation and biofeedback. This lowers the dog's state of arousal, bringing it out of hyperarousal and into a state where it can process information. Some dogs move into a state of deep relaxation, which activates the rest, digest and repair mechanisms, allowing the body to more readily engage in self-healing.

There are several elements to the WEBB method, and practitioners must be highly skilled as they work kindly with pets suffering pain or emotional problems. Our canine therapists regularly use WEBB work as a natural treatment for canine emotional dysfunction, such as; anxiety, fear, phobia, separation anxiety, etc. WEBB treatment can be used in conjunction with prescription medication, and we are happy to work with your veterinarian to optimise the outcomes for your dog's emotional health and well-being.


Pain can adversely affect outward behaviour and quality of life. Physical pain can be felt anywhere in the body, and dogs, as stoic as they are, often hide their pain, suffering silently. The WEBB bodywork method helps to alleviate pain by relaxing muscles, reducing tension in soft tissue, and releasing fascia adhesions.

Soft tissue/joint pain:

  • Fascial release
  • relax muscles
  • reduce tension

Emotional Wellbeing

Studies have shown that setting clear, safe and consistent boundaries using kindness can help build secure attachment bonds. This authoritative approach works on a deeply emotional level, designed to help dogs self-regulate their emotions with love. Clarity, consistency and kindness help to build a trusting relationship between pets and therapists. Acknowledging and responding to subtle signs of communication can assist animals to feel validated and reduce the need to escalate their feeling to the point where they display adverse behaviours.

Emotional level:

  • Clear, safe, kind & consistent boundaries
  • Secure attachment may lead to better self-regulation of emotions
  • Increase trust and help pets to feel safe through listening to their communication
  • Validate feelings

Nervous System Regulation

Practitioners work on regulating the dog's nervous system through the neuro-fascial and somatic nervous systems. We use multiple tools and techniques, such as coregulation, to reduce arousal. Calming and relaxing the nervous system through increasing bodily awareness and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Nervous system regulation:

  • coregulation
  • reduce arousal
  • active the parasympathetic nervous system
  • increase somatic awareness


What conditions do WEBB bodywork practitioners help to treat?

Whole energy body balance is a form of complementary care; it complements the care of your primary health care provider, such as your veterinarian or animal physiotherapist. WEBB is not designed to cure illness, disease or dysfunction; rather, it is intended to alleviate pain symptoms and balance the nervous system.

There are many ailments that WEBB work can assist with; it is also an excellent modality for general relaxation or to increase the loving bond between owner and pet. This modality is different to massage therapy, with a strong emphasis on emotional regulation. It is an excellent option for dogs who suffer from severe anxiety.

Many owners notice a big difference in their dog's general well-being after WEBB therapy. Accessing and calming the central nervous system through therapeutic touch Whole Energy Body Balance is a powerful technique that may help dogs with emotional issues such as:

  • Unresolved Trauma or PTSD
  • Hyperarousal
  • Fear
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Treating the physical body, WEBB may help dogs with:

  • Fascia adhesions
  • Scar tissue
  • Reduced range of motion
  • General or localised stiffness
  • Muscular pain
  • Joint pain
  • General wellness

What to expect from a WEBB treatment:

At Canine Body Balance, we conduct a Thermal Imaging Wellness Check for all our initial in-person consults, so your first WEBB session will include this premium service.

The session starts by taking a history of your pet's physical and emotional health; we make observations of gait and conduct a palpation exam of your dog. Once we understand your animal's needs, we begin the individual treatment focusing on your dog's needs.

Expect initial consults to last approximately 1 hour; follow-up treatments typically last for 30 to 45mins, depending on the needs of the individual pet.

Does Canine Body Balance offer WEBB Energy-work treatments?

No, we focus on bodywork therapies that use therapeutic touch to effect positive change at Canine Body Balance. We offer Whole Energy Body Balance - Bodywork of pets therapy.

How often should my dog have a WEBB session?

Each dog is an individual, and we believe their owner or human carer is in the best position to determine how often their pet requires treatment. Initially, we recommend a minimum of two sessions, one week apart. Some dogs may require further sessions to achieve the desired baseline results.

During our consults, we ask owners to set wellness goals for their pets. Our role is to help you achieve those goals: maintaining general wellness, reducing pain, recovering from an emotional or physical episode, learning to self-regulate, or even palliative care for older or terminally ill dogs.

When you notice a difference in your pet's sleeping patterns, mobility, health or behaviour, it is usually a good indication they need further treatments. We can work cooperatively with your vet to ensure your dog gets the necessary care.


Is WEBB suitable for my dog?

WEBB is suitable for dogs of all ages; we do not treat dogs with open wounds or who need immediate veterinarian care. However, most other dogs can benefit from a WEBB session.


Working with puppies, we help them to understand and enjoy the power of relaxation. Some puppies have seemingly boundless energy, which can be problematic for families. Regular WEBB sessions and play-based training with toys and treats offer your puppy a great start in life.

  • Calming
  • Self-regulation
  • Pain relief

Sports dogs

Although WEBB is suitable for sports dogs, at Canine Body Balance, we prefer to use Canine Bowen therapy on sporting dogs seeking treatment for physical dysfunction.

WEBB can be a great option if you want to address emotional issues with your sporting dog.

  • Reduce arousal
  • Assist with fear or phobia
  • Lower stress or anxiety

Pet Dogs

Your pet dog's health matters; pets' health and well-being profoundly affect owners' well-being. When the nervous system in our canine companions is out of balance, it results in unwanted behaviours, such as excessive barking, destruction of property and aggression. Since WEBB bodywork for pets is designed to bring balance to the nervous system and reduce pain, most pets benefit from regular treatment. We recommend combining WEBB therapy with play-based training and fitness training to get the best out of your best friend.

  • Help to reduce separation anxiety
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Decrease pain

Older dogs

Having given years of loyal companionship, older dogs are more than just a member of the family; we understand the love you have for your older dog. Watching the physical and cognitive decline of senior dogs can be heartbreaking; however, improving their quality of life through Whole Energy Body Balance often brings joy to humans and helps your dog. Each treatment is tailored to the dog's individual needs at that time, WEBB can be incredibly gentle, and we often use craniosacral therapy as a release technique for older dogs.

  • Gentle approach
  • Reduce Pain
  • Relax body and mind

Do you offer WEBB sessions online?

Yes, and No. The Whole energy body balance bodywork sessions are conducted in person. However, for clients who cannot have in-person visits, we offer guided somatic relaxation sessions, where we guide owners to help their dogs through relaxation and loving touch.

Online Somatic Relaxation sessions are an excellent option for dogs suffering emotional issues such as; anxiety, over-arousal, phobias, etc. Owners of dogs with even severe anxiety may notice significant improvements after a few sessions, especially when paired with sub-threshold techniques.

We encourage owners of dogs with emotional dysfunction to regularly practice somatic relaxation and loving touch with their pets. Thought, Intention, and Practice are vital in achieving your canine wellness goals.

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